Jain: Makeba
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Jain: Makeba

Jain – Makeba (Official Music Video)

Makeba is a song by French singer-songwriter Jain released on November 6, 2015, from her debut studio album Zanaka. The song is a tribute to Miriam Makeba, also known as “Mama Africa”, a South African singer and activist who fought against apartheid and racism. The song was written by Jain and produced by her long-time collaborator Maxim Nucci.

The song’s refrain used a sample from the 1978 song “Me and the Gang” by the American percussionist, songwriter, arranger, and record producer Hamilton Bohannon.

The song combines elements of pop, reggae, and African rhythms, resulting in a unique and infectious sound. The song peaked at number seven on the French Singles Chart and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Video in 2018.

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The music video for the song was directed by Greg et Lio and shot in South Africa. It features Jain interacting with various urban landscape elements, such as street poles, buildings, and graffiti. The video also pays homage to Miriam Makeba’s legacy and influence on African culture.

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