UB-40: Red Red Wine
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UB-40: Red Red Wine

UB-40: Red Red Wine (Music Video)

UB40’s version of “Red Red Wine” was included in their album “Labour of Love,” released in 1983. The album mainly consists of cover versions of reggae songs, and “Red Red Wine” became one of the standout tracks, propelling the band to international success.

The song’s popularity was further boosted by its music video, which received heavy rotation on music television channels. UB40’s reggae interpretation of Neil Diamond’s original brought a fresh and distinctive sound to the song, appealing to a wide audience.

“Red Red Wine” became a chart-topping hit in the United States and the United Kingdom, among other countries. It remains one of UB40’s signature songs and is often associated with the band’s successful career in the 1980s.

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