Kajagoogoo: Too Shy
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Kajagoogoo: Too Shy

Kajagoogoo is a British band that gained prominence in the early 1980s. They are best known for their hit single “Too Shy,” which became a chart-topping success in several countries. The band’s original lineup included Nick Beggs, Limahl, Steve Askew, Stuart Neale, and Jez Strode.

Formed in Leighton Buzzard, England, in 1979, Kajagoogoo initially started as a prog-rock band called Art Nouveau before transitioning to a more new wave and synth-pop sound. Their debut album, “White Feathers,” released in 1983, featured the hit “Too Shy,” which catapulted them to international fame.

Limahl, the band’s lead singer, eventually left to pursue a solo career, and Kajagoogoo continued as a quartet, releasing more music and albums. While they may not have reached the same level of success as during their early years, the band continued to have a dedicated fan base.

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Kajagoogoo’s music is often remembered for its catchy melodies and the distinctive vocals of Limahl. Over the years, they have continued to perform and occasionally release new material, making their mark on the 1980s music scene.

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