Tommy Tutone: 867-5309 / Jenny
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Tommy Tutone: 867-5309 / Jenny

Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny” is a quintessential 1980s rock song that achieved significant popularity during that decade and has remained a memorable part of pop culture. Let’s delve into the history and impact of this iconic track.

Released in 1981 as a single from the album “Tommy Tutone 2,” “867-5309/Jenny” is known for its catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and memorable lyrics. The song tells the story of a narrator who finds a phone number scrawled on a bathroom wall and becomes infatuated with the mysterious “Jenny” at that number. The chorus, featuring the phone number “867-5309,” became instantly recognizable and is one of the most famous phone numbers in music history.

Tommy Tutone - CD Cover
Tommy Tutone – CD Cover

The song’s popularity skyrocketed in the 1980s, with its infectious hook making it a radio favorite. It also garnered attention due to the phone number itself, leading to countless prank calls to that number, which in real life belonged to various individuals across the United States who were unfortunate enough to have that numerical combination.

“867-5309/Jenny” not only catapulted Tommy Tutone to stardom but also solidified the song as an enduring classic of the 1980s. Its influence extends beyond music, with references to the song appearing in television shows, movies, and even on merchandise.

The song’s lasting appeal lies in its simplicity, catchy melody, and relatable theme of youthful infatuation. Even decades after its release, it continues to be a nostalgic favorite and a symbol of the ’80s era. Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny” remains a testament to the power of a memorable melody and lyrics.

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